The First Post

Greetings. This is my first post. Woohoo! I created this blog to a) provide a forum for my half-finished thoughts and incomplete essay and b) spare my friends of my unbearable introspective moods.

In this blog, I will rant, postulate, examine, emote, and, lastly, whine. If I stumbled upon an enlightening or beautiful thought, I’ll try to explain, elaborate, explore it and its implications. If I find something interesting on the web and it makes me think, I’ll post a link and my resultant thoughts on the subject. If I remember a word that I like a lot, I’ll list it, and use it in several different sentences. I’ll try to adhere to a form of grammar and style, in order to boost my languishing literary skills. If I use another contraction, I will edit it out. This is starting to sound like a constitution of sorts… sheesh. Alright, enough with the preliminaries! On to —

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