Sometimes when I’m alone, I begin to worry profusely about the heat death of the universe. I mean, this is a serious issue here. The inevitable death of everything!

The growing amount of entropy affects almost all our activities. Look at the gym, for instance. Such a waste of energy. People run around a circle; people give heavy masses more gravitational energy, and then release it opulently. What a waste! So much heat dissipated and lost. I say, if people want to get fit? Fine. Devise a giant generator and schedule in everyone for a shift at turning a big crank. might as well get some milliamps out of people.

What else? How about elevators? We get lifted up in these boxes-on-ropes, and then take the elevator down. Electrical energy used in both stages. But, people high-up already have so much GPE in them. Why not have some free-falling elevators? People at the top pile in, press “DOWN”, and latches release, and they plummet down. To brake, why not use a giant magnet slow them down. ooh oohh. SHM! simple harmonic motion. some SHM elevators would be good. with a pulley.

I don’t know. this post is awful. my posts are awful. i had all these high flying ideas set up, but they never work out. i think i’m putting too much expectations into them, and too much pretense. well, no more! just rambles from now on. screw my readership. screw you all.

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