objective of post: dispel bad mood

i don’t understand the amount of responsbility each person must claim for his actions and self. we all know that, according to recent behavorial studies, almost your entire being is developed through a) your genes, and b) your environment. The Recipe and the Cooking, respectively. [unoriginal simile. cite: Mind Brain Behavior class]

you have no control over your genes. “you” don’t even exist until “your” genes come together in a zygote during conception. so your genes are not your responsiblity. probably not your parent’s either; your father can’t choose the Luckiest Swimmer, and your mom can’t select the Lottery Ball of the Month.

ok, so what about your environment? this includes the love and scolding of parents, the taunts of schoolmates, the movies you see, what you eat, what you don’t eat… all this outside stimulus influences your brain and pushes and pulls certain neurons into making certain connections in your head. people are black boxes. someone pushes random buttons; and the output consists of crying, laughing, smiling, discourse, love letters, fist fights, etc.

where does your responsibility of your actions come into play? children are often forgiven easily for their actions (sometimes not) ; they’re “impressionable”. but doesn’t everyone just react? i’m trying hard to not turn this into a qusetion of “What is the self?”. i’m rephrasing it into “At what point in one’s life is it not ‘reacting’, but conscious action?

i’ll make this a less philosophical issue and more a practical everyman issue: everyone has a certain personality within them. this personality is the key to many of their ties. it is why some people like them and are friends, and why some people dislike them and are enemies. if we were to say that people have no control over their personality: “they’re just the way they are. people can’t change.” how reasonable is it to like some people on things out of their control? ::sighs:: if we were to take this further, we would say people can’t even control who they like and why because this is part of their personality to like a certain type of person. ::sighs:: this is turning into “Do we have free-wll?”

i give up.

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