are there mosquitos in san diego?

sometimes, when i’m bored, i like to plan out some sort of future for myself. like, where to move to, what career to choose, who to start a family with, where to send my kids to school. along these lines, i was thinking about where i’m going to settle down.

on a tangent (but i will come together, trust me), today had some nice hot weather. now that it’s getting warmer, people [read girls] are starting to wear less/skimpier clothing. the Ugly can be redeemed if they show their flesh (which is hopefully tight and toned), and the Completely Unattractive have no place to hide.

also, i just remembered two more things about nice weather (it’s been a while since we had it. allow my spring memories time to thaw). with hot days come cool nights, and those are the best. (going to get walk around later tonight). this weather also brings mosquitos. which is bad. beacuse my flesh does not take kindly to their unwanted kisses.

which of course brings us back to the original topic. i’m looking for a place with hot days and cool nights and no mosquitos. i’m ruling out the northeastern united states. i’ve lived here a while and i think we indeed do have mosquitos. what about the west coast? does san diego have mosquitos?

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