special thanks for a tip goes to ma ling ling.

free ice cream! ben and jerry’s free cone day! and consequencely, a day after moik‘s bday. maybe he will postpone celebratory activities and get some free “cherry garcia” or “rocky road to stardom” or whatever they’re selling these days. while i was surfing their site, i also discovered that ben and jerry’s is starting to implement a new eco-nicer carton technology. what a cool company.

i bet ben and jerry’s gets lots of its business because customers often say, “what a cool company,” when they look at B&J’s interesting flavors, environmental efficiency, and general political awareness. more companies should take advantage of the “we support you” component of customer relations. the entire professional sports team industry floats on the principle that people are willing to pay large sums of money to show their approval and support of an organization (game tickets, clothing, merchandise), and to be included within some sort of community. people like it, too. when the company/team succeeds, supporters share in the exhilaration; when the company/team falters, supporters rally. the “we support you” business tactic is so powerful. it keeps local bookstores from closing, certain web communities from floundering completely [Blogger, after laying off all but one of its employees, asked its supporters for donations towards a Keep the Servers Running Fund. they (he) got hundreds of thousands].

this is a damn good idea. everytime i buy something, i want to feel proud. not shame-faced and running home to recount my shells.

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