The First Night revisited

thought evoker: people in hallway reminscing about first day at columbia. specfically, the little floor meeting we had where we all introduced ourselves.

I remember my first little speech to everyone. All of us (~35people) were sitting down in the middle of the long hallway. We were all expected to stand up and give the standard ice-breaker material: where from, what school, what you like, general comments, etc.

I remember beginning my little “hello” with a self-depracating comment. Something along the lines of “I am not eloquent.” I then proceeded to give an eloquent introduction into who I was (or thought I was), where I was from, and what I was going to do at Columbia. You see, at that time, I believed my purpose was to pursue several philosophical questions that have been plagueing me during high school and that I could not seriously hunt down until I had real academic freedom (yes, foolish I was. Naive, too). So I told everyone, roughly, “I came here with a list of questions that I need to answer before I leave Columbia. These are weighty questions. What am I?, What’s going on with free will? What do I believe in? Maybe I will put these questions in front of my door, and you can all see them.” I said that, ? lost details.

I was pretty arrogant.

Now I am less so. I’m still ego-centric and self-centered; by necessity though. Strictly speaking, we are all the centers of our own worlds.

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