the Night Keyboard

i need to make a keyboard that has limited memory storage built into it. that way, when i’m thinking at night, i can type stuff down (while in the dark), go to bed, then wake up the next morning to review the previous night’s thoughts. the keyboard can store the text in a simple text format.

as the time-logl indicates, i stay up late thinking about all sorts of stuff. my theory is that when i close my eyes and get ready to sleep, my brain no longer has to worry about dealing with the body. the arms and legs just lie there. i only have to lie on my back and breathe. thus the brain is free to jump around and think about all sorts of stuff. scenarios, whatifs, questions, answers, “what do i believe”, “why do i blieve it”, “sigh… i don’t know anything”. and my brain just races around and around, and eventually i fall asleep and i forget everything i had come up with the night before. except, when i drag my ass out of bed and blog. (or before the coming of the blog, scribble into a notebook.) but then the Physical is back and my train of thought is derailed horribaly and all the passangers spill out onto the local landscape. dead. all dead. ::sighs::

someone make me a Night-Keyboard, dammit.

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