I am so smart. The other day, some contractors were digging up part of Low Plaza (to redo the concrete -> to make the Plaza look all spiffy for Commencement exercises.) They were putting all the rubble in some dumpster. Cuz I had classes I was late for, I asked a friend to grab a piece of rubble for me later on. So, now I have a piece of historic ol’ Columbia! Go me.

Speaking of rocks…when I passed by Low Plaza again later that night, I saw this couple. See, it was a nice spring night; perfect for walks and shit. Some youths seemed to be able to capitilze (with a capital F) on such nights. So there was this one couple, with a big blanket spread out on one of the side lawns. A gentle candle flickered between them. Soft music fluttered about…

i wanted to throw my rock at them. >P

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