moving out: the end of the first year

having to pack up all your belongings is weird. I find it dangerous to have all your valuable things in neatly-packed, easily stolen boxes. One, because people can steal them. And two, cuz you have your life measured in terms of three-dimensional space.

and so ends my first year here at Columbia. hopefully, i will only have three more. i have yet to stop and consider what it means when i close my door and turn out the light for the last time. this will forever be my Freshman Year. it’s done. i can’t reopen it and add more pages.

ew. that was a foolish, silly thought. every moment by itself is unique and never to be redone. this particular span of time we’ve dubbed Freshman Year seems more special just because we’ve given it a name. once given a name, the Idea behind it becomes more tangible and more easily toted around and discussed.

so bah to all this looking back and reflecting! life comes in a continuous stream. it is our folly for turning it into discrete packets. onward!

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