Air travel

link. air travel used to be very luxurious and great because only the rich could afford it. there were like air limosines. now, airplanes are like buses. crowded. stuffy. annoying people. creepy people. some violent people. crying babies. And this can become frustrating to rich business people who want to fly in comfort (well, it becomes frustrating to anyone, but not-so-rich people should deal with it because they’re taking a bus and not a limosine.) to accomodate upper-class people, airlines added “first-class” or “business-class” sections to airplanes. so airliners became limosines in front, and buses in the back.

you know what? this post just went to hell because I had the thought “hey, they should just make separate planes for business class only, and not make it so expensive (like a charter plane). yet still make it big ol’ airliners (not like a small charter plane). just completely first-class seating.” then i thought, that’s a stupid thought. so now this post is basically kept here because i like the way i summarized airliners history up top. ::sighs::

i’m an idiot.

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