Well, I will not explain my absense, or why I shut down the site for a while. To be honest, I can’t really remember it all that well myself. But I can explain why I have not rushed to start publishing again. In short, I’m redesigning my blog’s layout. This time, no nested tables, CSS all the way!

to an non-techies, i’m joining a movement, and putting into my site everything that is good and STANDARDIZED about the web, and taking everyting else out. I am cleaning up my web-habits. no more tricks, hacks, work-arounds. pure web standards for me.

If your browser cannot see my page correctly, TOUGH COOKIES

So, you may be asking, why can’t I add more to my blog then, while I re-do the layout? Answer: because I cannot multi-task, and I will feel unclean and uncomfortable about blogging while my layout is unsatisfactory.

To all my fans who have crowed to me to keep posting, please bear with me while I take this “break. I will understand if you re-adjust your webhabits and visit other sites.

In short, I am OK with you seeing other websites = )

Who knows, I will probably contradict myself and blog once in a while.

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