away, but glad to be here

On Tuesday, when we were all glued to our televisions, most of us found AIM to be a good method of contacting people (phone lines were clogged). So we all stayed online to signal our OK-ness, but most of us were running around doing other things at various times. The following is a collection of my friends’ AOL IMer away messages from that day:

  • i”m here and i’m fine
  • The city that is supposed to never sleep is fainting right now…Peole are inherently good — I still believe-)
  • i guess i, like a lot of other people, am just wondering, what do we do now???
  • giving blood @ st. luke’s…
  • We are doing fine here. Please pray for those involved. …..
  • good luck everyone
  • if you pray please do so now. and donate blood if you are able to.
  • tryin to give blood…i want revenge
  • if you’re not in front of your television, you’re not an american.
  • hope everyone and their loved ones are okay…
  • someone please restore my faith in mankind….
  • day after my b-day and everything gets fucked up. and im not here. leave a message
  • trying to continue a day
  • “may you not live in interesting times.”
  • total disaster….if you pray, please do so now. 9.11.01

What a long day that was.

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