how the networks handled it: an update

On Thursday sept 20, the Daily Show had its first show since the Attacks. Like I was saying before, it is extremely difficult for television shows to go back to their routine, especially if they were comedy shows or something shallow and hollow (like E!). How did the Daily Show, one of the most sarcastic, biting, and intelligent shows out here, handle it? Jon Stewart delivers this powerful, beautiful opening monologue; something I was not ready for, even though people had warned me beforehand. You can see a video of it here: 56k/broadband.

NBC’s West Wing is producing a special episode entitled “Isaac and Ishmael”, which will address recent events. Aaron Sorkin, the show’s writer/creator, apparently put together a script in three days, and they’re rushing production for the Oct. 3 broadcast date they are shooting for. The episode is is pre-empting the season’s premiere and is considering “stand-alone” with respect to the show’s current plotline.

oh yeah, and there was this little show.

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