in defense of a bracelet

I was fixing my little hemp bracelet while chilling with my suitemates, and one of them remarked, “You know that’s such a white boy thing, right?”

See, these kinds of comments really irritate me. Not only because, a) it seeks to label and pigeonhole my actions, which is frustrating because I, in all my splendid arrogance, always believe that everything I do is exceptional and special in some way; and b) it also calls into question just how Chinese I am, which, well, we will not get into right now.

Granted, things handmade out of hemp have been all the rage among white suburban teenagers, but I think mine should earn some respect in its own right. A friend at Gov School on the Environment(summer 1999) was making all sorts of things at out of hemp, at the time. He made an ankh, a belt, and started taking orders from his fellow scholars/campers. I, with an eye towards Buddha bead bracelets, asked for a hemp bracelet with lots of beds on it. And that’s what I got. A mix of hemp and beads. A blend of east and west, right on my wrist!

I wore it all the time at first. But then a part of it sort of broke, and I discontinued use. This past summer, I was cleaning my disheveled little room and I stumbled upon it. I decided to start wearing it again. And I think it looks really cool. Very distinct. My own little thing.

Now, let’s get to this whole “white boy” comment. In response, I was very ready to launch into an angry “Should I instead be wearing the Thuggy Asian uniform?” tirade, but such bitterness did not seem warranted, so I held my tongue.

Let this be the place where I officially declare my hatred of Thuggy Asians. I cannot stand them. Ugh. They make me shiver and laugh at the same time; fear and immense amusement have never gone together so well. I will articulate this more later.

::sighs:: ok. long post. sorry. i’m going to bed. goodnight.

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