out of control

Q: Can hair be too long?

A: Look at my hair. It is out of control. I’m a friggin hippie. Two weeks until Thanksgiving (aka going home for a haircut; i refuse to get one here), can I bear it? Or, even better, can all my friends who have to look at my wacko mane all day bear it? I have more hair than I know what to do with. I can’t just stick it up. Then I look like I am frightened all the time. I can’t hear a hat. I’m not a hat-person (nor am I a cat-person, a dog-person, a people-person, a mole person, a hygenic person, nor a nice person, but I digress.) Maybe a head-band. Those are all the rage now, right? Yeah, I’ll get a cool headband. With some sort of action-filled animal on it. Or maybe one endorsed by a famous athlete. Hair Jordans. Sa-weet. Life in America is good.

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