banality is my bane

i’m 19 years old and already I am getting really annoyed at the same old conversations. The kind of conversations I’m talking about go something like this:

they: So… how did your test go?

me: Awful. I think I did really poorly.

they I’m sure you did better than you think. It’s ok. You’ll be alright.

How did you know how I did, They?! Did you take my test? Did you read my answers? Granted, such words are supposed to just comfort me, but it’s not comforting at all because they have no basis and are as empty as my grave. The above conversation has various permutations. But you get the gist of the kind of conversations I’m talking about, right?

::sighs:: I think that I am just really frustrated at the universe right now. And I still can’t believe my own stupid suitemates don’t even read my blog. I have readers from different countries who are people that I do not even know and yet my suitemates do not come to this nexus of insight and knowledge. Bah!!!

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