future coding project #1

AIM‘s interface can get pretty annoying. See, AIM should adapt ICQ‘s ability to hide the more advanced features from novice users. Because AIM is just too dumbed down. There’s no power in it. It’s as flaccid of a program as you can get.

Ok, so if I had the time and got to tweak AIM (and of course, break the End User License Agreement), one of the first things I would do is modify the way the buddy list is set up. I do not like the “groups” method. I would prefer a method driven around “priority”. People with higher assigned “priority” (that is, my close friends, family) would float to the top of the Online list, if they are online. Granted, I guess I could just move up someone’s name manually in the List set-up, but conceptually, it’s not a clean method. It’s a fix. and practical way to do it. I don’t know. this isn’t making sense.

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