bang! zoom! wow.

Wow oh wow. Like many many others, I caught quite the show with the Leonid meteor storm. I went back to New Jersey to watch it. Took the 9pm bus Sat night, took a nap at home, woke up at about 3:30am, met up with some others (my mom went too. aww), and snuck into Monmouth Battlefield Park. Stayed til about 6am, and got on the first bus back to NYC. On the way back, I managed to catch the sunrise off the river and NYC skyline. By the time I got back to Columbia, I was soooo mellowed out. ::sighs::

Oh yeah, I tried to take some pictures of the sky, but I don’t think I actually caught any meteors on film. I’ll develop them, and if any came out, I’ll post em here.

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