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When K came up to hang out last week, mags and I started a new game. We took turns naming as many commercial products we could think of whose branding power was so powerful that the brand name replaced the generic name of the item. Get it? Just keep reading;you’ll catch on. To Mag’s credit, the game/contest was originally her idea.. she had thought of a whole bunch in the past but just could not remember it under pressure. = ) And K had a couple of good ones, too. So, here’s the list we came up with:

  1. Xerox -> photocopies [credit: mags]
  2. Q-tip -> cotton swabs [sc]
  3. Kleenex -> facial tissue [sc]
  4. Concorde -> super-sonic aircraft? [heh heh, mag]
  5. Walkman -> tape cassette player (note: the Discman is not valid because “CD player” is too prevalent) [sc]
  6. White-out -> correction fluid [sc]
  7. Band-aids -> bandages [krish]
  8. update: Scotch tape -> adhesive tape [sc, reminded by dylan]
  9. update: TelePrompTer -> for um… teleprompters [dylan]
  10. update: Palm pilot -> personal digital assistants, arguably [dylan]
  11. late update: Jell-O -> gelatin dessert? [amit]

update: Send em in if you remember more or can think of other ones.

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