san francisco

The first several days in California were spent in the hills of San Francisco, visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle (“great” is both in objective modifier to describe familial relationship and subjective modifier to describe quality of person!). I managed to catch my brother’s cold after the first day (no matter how tight lodging may be, never sleep in the same room as a sick man) and did not miss much. My Great Aunt is a tremendous cook and we ate and ate, and since we (the sick) could not really go out and sight see too much, we ate a little more. I have surely gained in girth. Also, to my suitemates’ inevitable delight, I managed to swipe some simpilifed but delicious recipes; I hope they like pickled vegetables = )

Now the surreal part about staying at their house was that I felt like I was living in the 1950s. My relatives had been living there for a while and you could definitely feel the time bubble surrounding the place. The television had dials, rabbit ear antenna, and was its own piece of wooden furniture. Basically, the only readily enjoyable forms of entertainment were listening to the huge collection of classical music, reading books, and talking and telling stories. It was crazy. I hadn’t been without an Internet connection, let alone a computer for that long in a great while.

How did I spend my time? Well, between the long naps and the downing of honey/lemon/hot-water, I sat around and thought a lot, and listened to Chopin’s Nocturnes, and heard stories about great-great-grandfathers, and read Zen and the Art of Archery and Descartes’ Meditations on a First Philosophy. (The latter was unfinished ContempCiv reading that I thought would be nice to finish. Still reading it.) It was quite enjoyable to savor time and not burn through it like you do when you play computer games or watch Friends. I honestly enjoyed my time there a great deal and hope to return again in the summer for more time-warp action. I bet if I got a summer internship somewhere in Silicon Valley, I could stay at their place. Man oh man. I need to start looking for internships. Someone hook me up!

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