on seeing a ranger game

Went to a Rangers-Islanders game tonight. It was pretty intense, it became a blow out pretty early; it was 4-0 Islanders after the first period. After that, it got really messy and bloody. I like hockey because of the speed, the finesse, and the improvisational play-making. The physical aspect of the game can be entertaining when used cleanly. Apparently, much of the audience loves the hitting and gore the most. They roared and shouted encouragingly whenever players grew angry at each other; it was crazy. I could almost imagine what the Roman Colisseums used to be like: tiers and tiers of bloodthirsty spectators, crying out for not honor and grace, but dirty entertainment. After all, that’s what those guys down there are paid to do. It’s part of the job. Bleh. Some people have no class.

And I will never understand the Fan. What would ever possess a fan to boo his own team? Because the team is doing poorly? Is that who you inspire someone to improve and excel? “Boooooo.”?!? Sheesh. I personally am a fan of the game, and not any particular team. I like good games. Hear hear.

Also, right now, I’m trying to read Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. I’m noticing how our generation’s shrunken attention-span is making these classic texts extremely difficult to read. Here is a sample:

If I had had to choose my birthplace, I would have chosen a society of a size limited by the extend of human faculties, that is to say, limited by the possibility of being well governed, and where, with each being sufficient to his task, no one would have been forced to relegate to others the functions with which he was charged; a state where, with all private individuals being known to one another, neither the obscure maneuvers of vice nor the modesty of virtue could be hidden from the notice and the judgment of the public, and where the pleasant habit of seeing and knowing one another turned love of homeland into love of the citizens rather than into love of the land.

That was one sentence. I had to read it aloud, just to try to hold together the connection of ideas in my head. I dunno, maybe I’m just stupid.

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