A friend’s 21st birthday was tonight. Went out, had dinner, drank a little. I had the usual aging rhetoric floating around in my head: “Oh gosh, growing old too fast! Can’t believe it. Already so old!” Then it dawned on me how much more life I have to life.

Say I’ll live to be 80 years old (a weak estimate for someone of my high pedigree. Heh.) To equal that amount of time, I would take all the memories and years that have occurred up until now, all 20 years of them, every lazy day, every early morning, every cranky tuesday afternoon, every school bus pickup, every hockey goal, every stupid joke I laughed at, every retareded thing I said, every game I played, every second smiling, every blushing at a girl, and every moment I can’t remember but others do, and I get three more sets of those. Three more unimaginable spans of twenty years. That’s an insane amount of time. God damn, so much more life to live, it’s boggling. I think I’ll take my time.

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