Twice this week, I’ve heard two different professors use the term “hippie” during a lecture. And both times, everyone giggled. “Hippie” is a funny word. It’s like hearing your professors say “yippay!”

Also, I’ve become 100% convinced of my theory that guys who can sing have it made. Provided that they aren’t complete assholes, any guy that can sing has a huge edge over the rest of us who fake it during church hymns. Have you ever seen that? Being so ashamed of one’s own voice that they will just mouth the words to a hymn while everyone else is shaking, maybe humming a little. Good thing I don’t go to church; so I don’t have to meet people like that. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, sometimes I figure it’s better for the rest of the world that I do not have a good singing voice. Because if I did, and you combined it with my charming wit, my powerful charisma, and, of course, my rugged good looks, I would be in quite the situation….. I believe the scientific term is: “vagina abundance.”

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