You can fool April, but you can’t…

Top-notch April Fools stuff on the web: Google’s “top secret technology revealed”, this random CNN story (which was fwd’ed to me by IMers; so source is suspect), Metafilter merges with kuro5hin, and of course APOD .

I think of all the American holidays, I like April Fool’s day the best, because it is genuine and untainted.. All the other Holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, etc.) have acquired a rather bitter taste around the mouth. These have become a little too much like excuses to have big clothing sales. April Fool’s day is the kind of holiday where only the hip, the cool and the ones with any sense of humor play along.

In other news, this blog continues to suck. aka, i’m having trouble finding my voice again. Where have all my opinions go?

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