I spoke in class

Today, I actually spoke in Contemp Civ today. I never speak in that class, but today, we discussed Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. While my grasp of Kantian imperatives and Platonian first principles is a bit weak, evolution is my bitch. My junior year of high school, I spent an entire year’s worth of lunch periods trying to convince some block-headed Christian that evolution is a viable theory on “creation”.

Anyway, so my comment was basically this: The idea of social Darwinism (e.g. “It’s ok to wipe out these barbarian Indians. We are the fitter, the more superior”) is extremely dangerous and wrong because it makes natural selection into some sort of guiding principle, something that requires enforcement of adherence to. That is, people often use natural selection as a normative idea. But that’s such gigantic misconception. Natural selection is a very passive mechanism. It’s just what tends to happen to large amounts of organisms when they can’t all lie around and relax by a pool, with infinite food stockpiled next to them. Some die off, some stay around; certain commonalities tend to surface. etc etc. You know the deal. But in no way is it a ruling underlying principle of the universe. It’s just a tendency that someone figured out.

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