pressure bonding

Sometimes there are these special moments when everyone just gets together and talks. A big deadline or a special date, like the start of finals or the night before move-out, and almost as if compelled by a universal procrastination, people will mill around at these moments and begin to talk. They just feel in that mood, sometimes because they are so unwilling to return to their work, sometimes because it just feels right.

These are special times. Not always are people willing to sit down and speak earnestly and honestly about their lives. Usually we’re so busy bullshitting and talking smack to even say a shread of truth. But here, people just talk. They talk about what girls they have a crush on, about who’s their type, about the farthest they’ve ever gone, about their religion, about what kind of people they are and about the kind of people they want to be, about the lives they’ll lead and about the lives they want to live. These moments of bonding come and go, and when they do happen, you hold on to them dearly because they are rare and special animals.

Right now, I want to just talk. The year’s ending and I want to look someone in the face and tell them about my year and how it was unbelievable and how I made friendships to last me a lifetime. I want to spill my guts and divulge every little secret that I hide away in my cagey personality. I want to tell people what I thought when I first met them. I want to talk to the girl I developed a crush for, to the guy I wished would become my best friend, and to the one that I thought was a complete weirdo.

The moment’s passing… I’m going to bed. goodnight.

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