And I’m back home. Moving had some complications, but I am finally back in my ancestral home in the en-jay. What sort of moving complications? Well, gee, maybe the fact that I practically CRIED MYSELF TO DEATH in moments of sorrow when I had to leave my suite for the last time. I was one of the last ones to leave and it was hard to walk down that hallway towards the kitchen, and just see the whole place, emptied out and deserted. Packing was especially hard, because you see everyone literally disassembling your home, your world, piece by piece, poster by poster, personal-item by personal-item. In the last couple of months, I grew to love the suite and I had oodles of fun, partially because of softe bonding. I take back every negative
thing I ever said about the suite.

Seeing this is also the passing of another academic year, it’s good to look back and meditate on one’s successes and one’s god-awful moments of unending embarrassment and shame. Sometimes, it is a bit hard to think back, because it’s difficult to distinguish when previous, previous years ended and when sophomore year began. However, there does exist a marker which I’m sure is sharp in everyone’s mind. Think back to the terrible 24 hours of September 11th, 2001. That was the beginning of the year. Now, think of all the days between then and now. That was sophomore year. Quite a chunk of time. That day seems so freaking far away.

To put it briefly, my year was frickin’ awesome. Acquaintances became best friends, my neurosis blossomed into some sort of weird charm, and the stick came out a little from my ass. During my breaks from school, I visited family and traveled to beautiful central american countries. I watched the world some more, took some notes, and prepared for my moments as a full-fledged adult. It’s coming soon. Gotta get warmed up.

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