yeah, whoopie

FM Radio is dead. You and I both know this. We knew this a while ago. Everyone knows how FM radio stations are just there to push selected music onto us. Radio is just an advertisement for the newest singles. The radio DJ is extinct. No more people with great musical taste showing you cool new bands.. or accompanying your commute home with a guided mix of great songs. Now it’s just people with impressive voices yammering in between the glossy tedium.

In related news, internet radio is also dead. Now, under proper licensing law, all those streaming internet stations you’ve enjoyed have to pay royalties. Read up on it. The world’s going to hell.

I think I’m starting to get darker. The world doesn’t seem to be that pleasant anymore. And it has more to do with the popularity of Britney. I’m starting to realize how the world runs, and I hate it. I think all those assholes and complete dicks you hated in middle school don’t go away. I think they grow up and become those assholes and complete dicks at work, or those bastards in charge of the foulest corporations, or maybe those buttholes who are responsible for every idiotic and careless decision in the past 10 years. Doesn’t anyone care about the greater good? The right answer? It’s all so confusing.

None of this make sense.. because for the first time in a while.. I’m just blabbing. Pure from the head to the keyboard. Because i’m so frigging frustrated with the world. I’ll leave foreign policy for later, but can we stop selling SUVs to suburban communities? And can we tell corporations that they’re not allowed to grow bigger than the universe? Or that they’re not allowed to influence market value, you bloated abominations of Adam Smith’s vision. Can we draft some laws involving the new digital technology that actually makes sense (someone please kill the DMCA)? And will people stop paying attention to the evil, fixed stock market? :sighs:: The future doesn’t look good for any of us. Might as well supersize your fries. It’s a short ride.

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