the People Names That Are Words game

Ok, people, I am not accepting anymore product brand names that have supplanted their common names. I am tired of hearing “Post-It” notes IMed to me. This game is closed. I never bothered to compile a final good list, but let that be an exercise left to the reader.

So here’s the new game craze: The Common American People Names that are Words game. Objective: Find as many common people’s names that are also valid english words. Example: Frank. Note: no hippie names (thus the “common” qualifier) and homophones will reluctantly be accepted.

  • Frank
  • Ernest (homophone)
  • Randy (personal favorite)
  • May
  • Rose, Lily (and all the other girl flower names)*
  • Bob
  • Jay [mimi]
  • Drew [mimi] (good one!)
  • Nick [mimi]
  • Carrie [mimi] (homophone)
  • Abbey [mimi]
  • Art [mimi]
  • Matt [mimi] (homophone)
  • Avery [mimi] (yeah I know, Mimi went crazy)
  • Josh [vib] (eh.. slang?)
  • John [vib] (eh.. slang?)

* Who started this trend of naming their daughter after a flower? Did the virginity metaphor slip their mind at the time? Might as well name the child “Cherry”. [update: whoa. there is a “Sherry”.. hmmm].

Update: This game has been killed. I won’t be acceptin any more entries in this. Some foul beast named Mimi decided to sit down and enumerate an entire list of some 30 names that are valid, which I won’t post. This is unsportsmanlike and bordering on obscene misconduct. What unfun. Play in your own households. Bah.

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