Handsome is not a joke

Apparently, several of you out there thought my last post was “laugh out loud funny” in the way I had portrayed my chiseled looks. Well, ahem, punchline that was not. In a effort to convince that I am indeed a, how you say , stud muffin, I have updated the about me section. Included is an 8×10 glossy headshot and a short bio on the Wizard of Wit himself.

Oh yeah, I’m going on what my job calls “Travel Duty” for three days. I’m heading down to the Virginia area for some business matters. If you know of some mid-Atlantic hot spots, give my cell a ring and we will party hard like two coked-up hookers. Also, hopefully the hotel will have some sort of Internet access, so I’ll be bringing my laptop . I’ll be back Thursday night.

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