Leave Without Pay

Tomorrow’s my last day at work. Ah, seems like yesterday that I was filled with all sorts of trepidation. And then I sat around and read books and learned all sorts of things about computer networking and security. And then I even learned a little about hacking. Then I sat around some more and became a good government employee. I learned to walk slowly, move slowly, take 6 breaks a day, and eventually became really fat and unattractive.

It was an interesting summer, being a government employee. And I can always go back next summer, because of the program I am in, I am on Leave Without Pay and still am employed. Even have my fancy pants Army ID. Maybe the chicks dig that. “Yeah I’m in the Army. I serve in the.. ehh.. computer networking and security branch? It’s right next to the Rangers’ tent. I can do 20 push-ups?”

On a related topic, I suppose a lot of people are finishing up their summer jobs in the next couple weeks. And they’re looking back on how much they learned and what they have gained from their experience. The friends they made, the contacts they have earned. And then they’ll wonder how summer interns of long ago spent their work days without AOL Instant Messenger.

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