part two

So what did I do that day?

I woke up at 8am and headed to Low Plaza for Columbia’s rememberence services with Mags and Bay. Speeches were made; moments were silent; bells were knelled. The service was somber, dignified and well-executed. My friends had class, so I joined up with some other friends and we walked around a bit. Got coffee. Cider would have hit the spot perfectly, but no one sells little ciders. Frowny face.

I got back to my room and sat quietly, thinking about stuff. I became tired because it was early as hell, so I turned on the radio and laid down for a nap. The Howard Stern show was playing a real-time re-broadcast of last year’s show on september 11th. You could hear information frantically pouring in as Mr. Stern tried to make sense of the occuring events. I got real quiet and turned it off at 10:30am.

I woke up two hours later and went to class. It was like another day had started. I went to class and ate dinner and did some school work and chatted on AIM. I think I’ll be glad to move on, as long as moving on consists of less mention of “September 11th” and more mention of “world consciousness and responsiblity”. With some hope, that day will be the day that my fellow Americans realized there was a world outside of their stupid American bullshit.

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