someone died last week

A couple weeks ago, Jack Chen, UVA junior and member of Lambda Phi Epsilon, died suddenly in an automobile accident. Like many collegiate Asian-Americans, Jack had a Xanga website. His last entry has become a memorial of sorts, where everyone catching wind of the story has been leaving comments. The comments are a mixture of Christian well-wishes and condolences from friends, classmates, and Lambda brothers from chapters across the nation. The comments can get pretty hard to read through by the 100-mark.

Xanga’s nifty community tools help show how people are connected in eerie ways. Taking the earliest-added “Sites I read”, you can glean who his closest friends were (at least, those closest friends that used Xanga). And they have all left haunting dedications to Jack in their more recent posts (1, 2, 3 ).

Strangely enough, Jack’s last Xanga post was about appreciating the little things in life, like: “just chilling on weekends with friends… getting a random email or a phone call… a smile while walking to class… playing on the guitar… talking to mom and dad…. hitting up your lil sister randomly while shez out at the mall with her friends…” And it finishes with a loving note of appreciation to God. I wonder if he had any idea? Reading through the entire site, you can’t help but feel he was a sensitive smiley-faced young man with hopes of love and happiness.

Sorry, kid.

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