xanga’s daddy

While strolling through Joel on Software’s new New Yorkers forum, I noticed a post from Monsur. Monsur is a software developer living in NYC (ah me, there are so few of us), but you wouldn’t know it from his site. He writes more about great music and great movies than about programming or anything else for that matter. Good reading.

Anyway, the interesting bit is that Monsur also happens to be one of the main guys behind Xanga It turns out that Xanga is not some lame mega-corp blogging tool, but rather it’s a gently nurtured blogging tool built by four guys (Marc, John, Monsur, and Dan) in a garage somewhere. Who woulda thunk it. More respect goes to Xanga.

In completely unrelated news, my counter tells me that I get a lot of clicks from people googling for information about Jack Chen. I noticed that if you search Google for xanga website, my previous post about Jack Chen is the third hit, with Jack Chen’s xanga site itself being the top hit. Google sure has a funky search algorithm.

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