fellow bloggers

Ya gotta love referel logs. From my trusty sitemeter, I have learned of several other active Columbia bloggers.There’s Jen Schnidman, a University Senator. She mentions me as a citation for that panorama of the Tribute in lights I posted about last week. She caught whiff of this blog from the not-so-infamous Columbia Spectator article about weblogs. I wonder if she ever stumbled upon my snarky comments about it.

There’s also Jax Russo who is also an University Senator. She used to write for the Spec. I know this because she once wrote a god-awful terrible article about CSC’s Lunar Gala. By “god-awful terrible”, I mean she must have been hungover and recovering from an addiction on heroin with the shivers and the hallucinations and all when she wrote the article.

Each of these guys have a blog list, that I need to check out. Some faces I’ve seen before actually. I’ll do a quick list, don’t have time to read them out now: ec653, ml1067, tw2004, and lcw2001. Wow, there’s quite a number of CU bloggers. I had no idea that so many people know how to capitalize and use punctuation correctly (this is a jab at annoying Xanga people).

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