a Duck Allegory


I remember an old Chinese parable my grandfather used to tell me. A group of ducklings are traveling and they reach the edge of a wide road. The young ducks know they must cross this dangerous road before they can reach their final destination: the Pond. There, they can take deep sips of the sweet water they so badly need. But first, they must brave the road.

Carefully, they begin to cross the road: the big awkward-looking duckling, first; then several others, soon after. After they reached the other side, they look back and notice one little duckling has not made it fully across yet. This stupid little duckilng is taking goddamn forever because of god-knows-what reasons, probably because it is a retarded little duckling, that liked to do little arts and crafts projects and also somehow always got attention from all their chick friends (y’know, baby chickens) which was frustrating and—-

::cough::: And so the other ducklings waited patiently for the littlest duckling to reach the other side. The littlest duckling finally crossed the road and they began the final leg of their journey to the Pond. The end.

The moral of the story is to hang out with ducklings your size. Because the little ones take freakin’ forever to cross that road. And they’re ugly, too.

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