congratulations, you do not suck

As I foretold earlier, Columbia redesigned their website. My take? It doesn’t suck. Which is very good. I thought the old one sucked and looked like my friend’s 13 year old kid sister designed it while chatting on IM and listening to Hanson. If you crave the old website, you can use the WayBack Machine and see the CU homepage circa one year ago (note: a bit slow loading).

The new webpage is much cleaner and professional looking; much more on par with an internationally-known university than with afore-mentioned kid sister design portfolio. Some people have said that it looks half-finished and that the website lacks “pizzazz”. To that I say, bleh.

I only have two complaints. I like the rotating portfolio of front page pictures, but for some reason they did not use all full framed pictures. That is, some pictures are two smaller pictures stuck together, that often don’t go together (examples one and two and three.) My second grub is that they were smart enough to use text links for navigation (as opposed to image buttons), but they opt’ed not to put mouse overs on the links. Lastly, our school colors are now apparently mutant maroon-blue.

For further reading, You can check out this About the Redesign article buried in the website.

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