Interview with Ronald’s Son

This NY Times Magazine interview with Ronald Reagan’s son has got to be the most bizarre piece of journalism I have read in some time. Did the journalist do any research at all? Does she dislike Reagon progeny???A sample:

Do you and your wife, Doria, have children?

No. We have three cats. It’s like having children, but there is no tuition involved.

Aren’t you working in television these days?

I am a correspondent for MSNBC. They hired me primarily to do election coverage for them. We’re not rich. Doria’s a clinical psychologist. I mow my own lawn.

Doesn’t your mom help you out financially?

Of course not. My father felt that children should make their own way.

“Aren’t…”, “Doesn’t…” and so forth. Weird. And who the hell point-blank asks:

Did you vote for Bush in the last election?

No. I did not.

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