Columbia Graduation Tips

I’ve watched two and been through one. Here’s what I’ve learned about the CC/SEAS graduation experience.

  1. Bring sunblock and water (graduates and audience) all ceremonies take place outdoors at peak sun hours. Elderly and those with weak constitutions should take advantage of the special viewing areas set aside for such concerns.
  2. Explore your seating options (audience) Everyone always packs into the west side of South Lawn. Unbeknownst to many, the east side is also available and always has prime available seating against the hedgerows.
  3. Pre-arrange meet times (graduates) On Class Day, fix a time and location at which point after the ceremony your friends can coalesce and take pictures together. Without a pre-arranged time, you will not be able to find everyone you may want to take pictures with. There are thousands of people wandering and milling about.
  4. Get some rest (graduates) The entire week of Class Day and Commencement ceremonies is grueling. Pick your “going-out” nights carefully. Between being out in the sun all day (which is always strangely draining), you are also in the process of packing 4 years of acquired crap, and possibly running around doing errands like apartment hunting for post-graduate life. Get your sleep when you can. Only go out and drink away when you are in the clear or when it’s one of those “last ever…” situations

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