Did I mention my laptop’s hard drive had a complete meltdown today? No? I didn’t tell you about the total data loss? Really? Because I find it hard to believe I neglected to describe the gentle spiral downward that began with my `kill -9`ing an errant process called “FileParse” thrashing my CPU, which then resulted in a general slow down, which was then excerbated by my attempt to save my work, and then the freeze, the lockup? Doesn’t ring a bell? You didn’t hear how it doesn’t bootl anymore, just a gently rotating throbber, rotating its heart out?

Oh! oh! and the sounds! The faint humming. In the early morning, it was unmistakable. I hushed everything in my apartment, set my ear to my keyboard… and there it was. Like tiny gnomes with pickaxes singing a work song as they smash and destroy the fucking platters of my hard drive.

I suppose this is for the better. I did not really want to send my resume out to firms, or work on my appellate brief. I would much rather grapple with Apple customer service as they explain to me I will be out of commission for 10-15 business days.

The data loss, my lex luthor, hurts the most. My extensive collection of pterodactyl pr0n, 7 years in the making, is gone. My life feels empty.

So empty, that Piebald – Grace Kelly With Wings – fills it. And that’s more than a dress. It’s a grace kelly movie. You can see my benefit.


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