follow-up I

Wherein updates on the past week’s calamities are provided:

Apple repaired my machine the same day I handed it over at the bar. Perhaps my geek talk led them to believe I was one of their own, which calls for privileges of the first order. “Damn platters” was my shibboleth.

I made a backup the morning my hard drive expired, which most likely taxed it so. For a hard disk drive, there is no nobler death. It is as plucked asunder is to a guitar string, or as kaput during coitus is to humans.

In the end, I still possess all important data (sans copulating dinosaurs). Hurray.
For the reader curious as to the regenerative process, application-wise, of a nerd’s computer, I offer a list of applications, in order downloaded:

  1. Firefox
  2. Quicksilver
  3. OmniOutliner Pro (my notetaking program of choice)
  4. Adium X
  5. Fugu
  6. Google Notifier
  7. X11 pkg
  8. The Gimp
  9. AbiWord (until I find my copy of Office) ugh, slow.
  10. FinkCommander
  11. iTerm
  12. Tomato Torrent
  13. Aquamacs Emacs
  14. Flip4Mac WMV Quicktime Plugin – new!
  15. Perian Quicktime plugin – new!
  16. Growl – new!


  • mung Says:

    i just got a macbook. i know nothing of this new world. the nerd posts are enlightening, please keep them coming.

  • yathrib Says:

    Hurrah, fink. Then you get GNU screen, and who needs memory-hogging iTerm (well, that was a long time ago that I used it)?

    Also in the long, long ago category, what’s your take on Camino these days? Seemed speedy when I tried it, but the features were all a mess. Happy enough with FF 1.5.x these days, interested in some features of FF2, but that seems like bloatware.

    Google notifier is better replaced with ssl’d fetchmail + procmail + mutt. I can check as many accounts as I’d like in one screen.

    I’m a fan of the OmniGroup, but is an outlining application better than emacs outline-mode or just vi?

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    I went for iTerm because of the tabs. I’ll admit it. Terminal in Leopard should win out.

    FF1.5 for Mac was clunky as shit, so I used Camino for a while. Over time, I got sick of websites with poorly written browser sniffs (I’m looking at you, Citibank). I abandoned it for FF2, which I appreciate for the better tab control (tab popback and re-ordering tabs). I miss fav icons in my bookmark toolbar, though.

    emacs outline-mode, last time I used it, was really basic. Plus I use omnioutliner for kinkless GTD, my attempt to wring productivity from my lazy days.

    I actually lied when I said I installed the X11 pkg. I can’t find it anywhere to download. The Downloads only lists a very old version. Help? XDarwin?

  • yathrib Says:

    X11 should be on the OS CD; developer’s toolkit maybe? I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t make it easier to find.

    FF2’s tab control is just the tab mix plus plug-in, I think. I do like the subtle spell-checking features, now that we’re all doing more editing in-browser thanks to Web 2.0 goodness.

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