commencement speaker

Spectator: Matthew Fox (CC ’89) of ABC’s Lost selected as 2007 Columbia College commencement speaker. Some decry the selection as unsatisfactory.

U.S. News & World Report should rank “Schools Excellent In Insular Outrage”; Columbia would score well. It is Harvard’s prerogative to blow $40,000 worth of someone’s potential financial aid to bring some comedian onto stage to make a canned speech. CC does not need to keep up with those Joneses. The Internet was built for watching other school’s commencement speeches.

On a appreciate-what-you-have note, the Engineering School has silently suffered through years of unknown and uninspiring speakers. The engineering students are more secure in feeling that they actually learned matters substantial and worthwhile, and they do not need a high-profile speaker to validate their 4 years of education.

Lastly, people are underestimating Mr. Fox. The man has wisdom to impart. After all, he is a courageous physician who rallied a band of airplane crash survivors on a deserted island. Also, he has life experience from dealing with his parents’ deaths and the care of his 4 brother and sisters.

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