Top 5 conversation topics among 1Ls:

  1. how much reading we have for tomorrow
  2. who is the hottest girl/guy in the section
  3. who in the section is, might be, or should be hooking up
  4. who in the section do you hate
  5. what was the latest stupid thing they did in class

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comity – n. courtesy and considerable behavior towards others; an association of nations for their mutual benefit


  • yathrib Says:

    That sounds like the people from CC who complained about how much reading they had to do, while they got a head start on their drinking Thursday afternoon. But those nights in the CS department built character… or something.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Something. They build something. A program, a toy, a hack, a creation that does something. Not a 20-page mountain of air with a table of contents and foot-notes.

    Man, I miss being a creator, a maker. Right now, I’m a mere… advocate.

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