The following sentence is an example of what I have to read, 6 hours a day. See if you can follow along:

On appeal to the Court of Appeals the defendant claimed that the Court of Common Pleas erred in sustaining plaintiff’s motion to strike from the defendant’s answer the defense of res judicata claimed to have arisen by reason of the judgment in favor of the defendant in the action by the insurance company.

First observation: am I the only one that reads that and am thinking, shit, give me some syntax highlighting?

Second observation: isn’t it amazing how you can understand the meaning of each individual word in a sentence, when taken alone, but when put together, the meaning is completely frakked?

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  • Nilima Says:

    i gave up mid sentence and that’s why i should never be a lawyer.. i would skim everything.. and that’s exactly what lawyers ought not to do.

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