exchange: the confrontation

Scene: an unassuming restaurant specializing in bite-sized meat, unintrusive service, and crushed hope.

Girl: Yum, this short rib is delicious. Try some!

Boy: Listen, let’s not dance around this anymore. I have a giant crush on you and have had one for a while.

Girl: SOOOO yummy!

Boy: We get along great as friends, and I think you feel the same way about me, and I’m single now, and I think we should just go for it. Consequences be damned.

Girl: OMG, what kind of marinade is on this sirloin???

Boy: Liz, please–

Girl: I’m leaving New York in August and moving to Barcelona to be with my boyfriend Guillermo. Waitress, can we have the flan for dessert? Thanks.

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