nice guy

classmate: can u tell me what the contracts, property and civpro hws are?
classmate: for the week?
selfish crab: for the week? we don’t get that advcaned notice
selfish crab: i’ll tell you for tomorrow:
selfish crab: Contracts: 863-876, 889-893
selfish crab: CivPro: 696-98, Shutts 699-708, amchem 708-21
selfish crab: Property: , 990-1022
classmate: what does shutts and amchem mean?
classmate: conlaw?
selfish crab: look at the syllabus and figure it out
selfish crab: re: civpro
selfish crab: Con Law: 1485-1500, 1530-49, 1589-1608, 1609-19, 1626-37
selfish crab: do you pay attention at all?
classmate: wow, ok [crab]
selfish crab: do you want to know our professors’ names as well?
classmate: geez
classmate: i wont ask u again
classmate: chill out
classmate: bye


  • Jenny Says:

    I totally agree with your sentiments though. Too lazy to look it up themselves.

  • yathrib Says:

    Confirms the impression I got from my one law school class — most law students are freaking lazy.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    No no, most law students are fucking insane actually. I know people that highlight every sentence in the casebook, in a color coded manner. A different color for the holding, the facts, the plaintiff’s argument, the defendant’s argument, the procedural history. And then each case gets a tab sticky on the side. And each chapter section gets a tab sticky on the top side. And then they write a separate brief of each case.

    I’m going to take a picture of it. See you back here tomorrow.

  • Katie Says:

    hahahaha. i love it. way to go, crabby.

  • Jenny Says:

    whatever happened to the pic?

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    I couldn’t figure out a smooth way of saying, hi let me take a photo of your book.

  • Jenny Says:

    i have confidence that you’ll find a way.

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