Today was the final Con Law class of the semester and I get called on. Last time she said we were going to discuss all the cases from Shelley to Marsh. So what did I do? I read exactly Shelley and then Marsh, and assumed I could infer the spectrum in between. I could not. Especially with the national authority on separation of church and state asking me, Mr. Crab, for the facts. I was also called on in my last Property class. What a strange trend. Everyone trying to get their last licks of Crab.

So with classes over, exams start… on Monday. The J*wish apparently do not believe in a reading period. I have five finals during the next two weeks, two of which are my sole and final determination of a grade, and other three of which test the year’s cumulative material. The outcome of this is the dispositive measure of my worth as a legal agent or as a person, really. You’re on Law Review or you are mere meat.

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