analysis this

Reader, I just had a dream where we were stationed at a multi-tiered underground government research facility.  Something had done terribly wrong and now we were fleeing fat red aliens with bulbous heads, beasts with the head of a manatee and the body of a meerkat.  We had fled, naturally, to the Barnes & Noble slash Duane Reade floor of the facility.   Word had spread that these creatures perish when you strike them with saline solution.  And so the quest was on for saline solution.   We creeped around, searching for the eye-wear aisle.  We could not find it.   The level became crowded with refugees from other floors.   Red lights!   Panic.  Almost everyone died, and at the last minute, we were rescued by gruff space marines who swept us away in a black hover-copter.  We looked down below and watched as hellfire missile demolished entire buildings, now sparkling red with the telltale lights of manatee-meerkat infestation.

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