summer progress

So far the split summer between Anonymous Start Up Company (ASUC) and Anonymous Law Firm In New Jersey (ALFINJ) Dickenson & Dodds is going well.

The time it took from my position at ASUC to go from “Summer Intern Advising Us On Cyberlaw and Privacy Concerns” to “Summer Intern Re-making Our Website” was about 3 hours into my first day.

The time it took to go from “Summer Intern Re-making Our Website” to “Summer Intern Creating and Administrating Our Development Environment From Scratch” was 4 days.

Over at ALFINJ Dickenson & Dodds, the time it took to go from a venerable “Summer Associate” to a “Aw, Isn’t The New Kid a Cootie Patootie? (As Per Secretaries 1 thru 3)” was an impressive 2 weeks. I believe the 3 days facial growth cycle was the key to holding out for so long.


  • Gecko Says:

    Straight to the top! In four days! Welcome back to system administration!

  • yathrib Says:

    At least you haven’t gone to “Summer Associate Re-making Our Website” at ALFINJ Dickenson & Dodds, right?

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Say what you want about the quality of my code, server wrangling was my least favorite part about my gig at AITGOC.

    ALFINJ is way too clunky. I’m going to revamp the pseudonyms. Stay tuned.

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