At ASUC, one of our web-based applications-in-progress needed a personal calendaring component, so I asked one of the student interns to research third-party open source code that we could plop in. Their suggestions? Google Calendar and Mozilla Sunbird, given in a powerpoint presentation, with Pro and Con columns and all, plus “demos”.

I was speechless. What part of “source code module” was vague? Also, I have to explain the difference between a desktop application and a web-based application to a computer science student? Maybe it’s my poor leadership skills, I don’t know. I’m doing something wrong.

Also, we’re using php/mysql which they thankfully know, but they are telling me that they are more comfortable in a Windows dev environment. um, windows as a development environment for PHP? It’s like doing an Etch-a-Sketch on the subway. I think I am just going to ask them, “But you guys know linux/unix, right?”, stare intently at them, and then fire the ones that go b-b-but-but.

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